I am a member, what will happen to my Membership?

All memberships will be frozen and no payments (including notice payments) will be taken until we re-open.

I have paid in advance, what happens to the remaining time I have paid for on my membership?

Any portion of a paid but unused membership (example yearly membership or the remaining 10 days of March) will be added to your membership when the gym re-opens.

I have cancelled my membership but would like to reverse it as I want to keep my 10 days credit, and I don't want to pay a joining fee when the gym starts up again, what can I do?

If you have already sent a cancellation form but do not wish to cancel your membership, please email membership@b-active.com stating you would like to reverse the cancellation.

I have cancelled my direct debit, what can I do to?

You can re-instate through your banking app. Rest assured no funds will be taken until the re-opening.

Please check back on our Facebook (#myfavouritegym) and sign up to our Twitter (@BACTIVEGYM) and check our website often for useful information to help you through this difficult time.

Keep On Moving!