Member Accounts

Membership Accounts and Subscriptions

How do I pay for Membership?

Membership is by way of subscription, paid by direct debit on a monthly basis on or around the 1st of the month. If your membership fee is £15 - £19.99 per month, you will be paying by direct debit.

Memberships which are not paid by direct debit are Yearly, Day Pass and £35 a month membership. Acceptable forms of payment are cheque, payment via the Worldpay gateway, direct transfer or cash.

Cancelling your Direct Debit

Cancelling your direct debit does NOT cancel your membership. You must please complete a cancellation form You agreed to 30 days notice on joining so please remember if you do not give notice, you will still be liable to pay for the notice period.

We encourage you to use the facility during your notice period.

If you are cancelling please you are not motivated or need some guidance, please have an informal chat with one of our friendly team members. They love helping and there is nothing more satisfying for them than helping a member to remember why they joined and assist them in achieving their goals. Our team are all passionate about the benefits of fitness and are extremely knowledgeable. Personal Training is FREE so book now!