Cancellation Policy

Thirty Days notice is required.  Cancelling your direct debit does not cancel your membership. Please complete a cancellation form online or at the branch of your choice. Ensure you receive proof of cancellation. Any monies received by B-Active Health & Fitness Centre will not be refunded unless proof of cancellation is received.

You are entitled to full use of the gym (in line with your type of membership) until the end of your cancellation period. If you feel you are not getting the most from your membership, please speak to one of our friendly team members who will be happy to assist in any way they can.


Click here for an online cancellation form.


Direct payment details:

B-Active Fitness

Sort code: 30-97-78

Account number: 00913518

Please be sure to use your membership number as a reference, failing to do so, will delay the payment processing. You can find the membership number on your bank statement (BAC followed by  7 digits) Alternatively, please call 0121 783-0050 and ask for your membership number.