Covid-19 FAQ's

As long as we are permitted to be open, we will continue to operate as close to normal as possible.

Please be courteous and have patience with staff and fellow members, this is a time of immense change with many challenges. The measures in place have been implemented because of Covid-19, it is not our decision, but the PM’s so please do not offend staff if you are unhappy with these changes. We can only apologise for any inconvenience the restrictions may cause. We will continue to monitor the situation to come up with the best solutions to serve our members efficiently and appropriately whilst ensuring everyone's safety.


Do I need to book?

As we are limiting the number of members, we are suspending the booking system (if necessary, we may re-introduce it during peak periods) so you can show up anytime (in line with your membership subscription)

How long can I workout for?

Please try to limit your workout time to no more than 90 minutes. Again, we apologise for the inconvenience and do believe things will fall into a good rhythm and everyone will be happy and manage to work out when they want! We just need time to assess workout patterns and density for each day.

Will the opening hours be the same?

Yes, they will. We aim to keep things as close to normal as possible.

Monday to Friday 6:00 - 22:00

Saturday 7:00 - 21:00

Sunday 8:00 -21:00

Bank Holidays 9:00 - 18:00

Closed Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Opening hours

Must I wear a mask?

Mask wearing in the gym is not a requirement but please feel free to do whatever you feel comfortable with. A word of advice, if you are pondering the idea of wearing a mask, consider a cycling mask as they are more comfortable for physical activity.

Will staff be wearing masks/PPE?

Staff can choose whether they wish to wear any type of PPE. 

Can I use the changing room?

The PM has requested members arrive ready to train and only if absolutely necessary, they are to use the changing room so we are using this opportunity to revamp them. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Can I bring a bag?

No bags are permitted into the gym areas. There are lockers outside the studio to store them. No items of clothing are to be removed and left on any machine or surface in the gym. Please do not ask staff to store any items as they are strictly forbidden from doing so.

What do I use to wipe down the machines?

We have always used gym wipes and will continue to do so as long as they are practicable and affordable. Please wipe down the equipment before and after use.

Can I bring a towel?

If you bring a towel into the gym, it must be a freshly laundered towel (for each visit).

What can I expect on my first visit?

For starters, a lot of perspex! Jokes aside, you will be requested to sanitise your hands before entering the facility. There will be floor markings and signs for guidance. If the door is locked, please step back and wait for a member of staff to open. Please give way to members exiting the facility.

What has the gym done to keep me safe?

We have installed perspex screening in all key areas, re-arranged the equipment to enable social distancing, installed air purifiers (with HEPA filters and UVB lights to kill any viruses and bacteria).

We are also fortunate that we are a ground floor facility and have doors which open to outside so fresh air can circulate through the gym. We also have several extractor fans throughout the facility, to draw out "old" air and draw in fresh air from the outside.

Of course, we have an air conditioner to circulate clean air as well.

We have always had purpose manufactured equipment wipes to wipe down the equipment - we have added extra points.

We have also always had hand santiser dispensers but have added extra sanitising points as well.

Helpful signange, one way and give way areas.

Sensor taps.

Our members know we have always prided ourselves on a VERY clean facility but it is now cleaned more often with high touch areas getting special attention.

How many people will be in the gym training at the same time as me?

Including yourself, there will be no more than 25. Bit like your own private gym!

Will staff be following me around, cleaning everything?

No, they will not. We want you to feel perfectly comfortable during your workout. Staff have always spent time cleaning and will continue to do so more frequently, concentrating on high touch areas. The gym will be deep cleaned every day.

When will my payment come out?

The first membership payment will go out on the 1st of January if you are paying by direct debit and are a current paid up member (as of re-opening on the 2 December).

Can I use the sunbeds?

Yes, you can.

How will I know the latest news from the gym?

We use texts and email to keep members informed of current developments. Please make sure we are on your safe sender's list and we hold your current mobile number and email address. Rest assured, we never divulge your personal information to any other company (Save those that are required for us to fulfill our duties to you)

Please check back on our Facebook (#myfavouritegym) and sign up to our Twitter (@BACTIVEGYM) and check our website often for useful information and updates.