New Year Resolutions


             As we start a brand new year, many of us will have made new year's resolutions.



By the 1 st of April, more than 80% of us will have given up our new year's resolutions. Why is this? The simple answer is we set ourselves up for failure before we even start. How so? It's all in the planning. We set up unrealistic goals and fail to set up a support system or a proper path to the success we wish to achieve. The result: we fail and then we hate ourselves and we hate the very people and places that are trying to help us achieve our goals.






 So, how can we change this?





Plan Properly. You know the saying "Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail". No successful endeavour is achieved without proper planning. Because you feel strong willed today, does not mean you will feel the same tomorrow or next week.


Understand your emotions which are attached to the resolutions you plan to achieve. What is your motivation, why do you want these things to happen?


If I asked you to lift to lift your own bodyweight, chances are high that you won't be able to do it. If I asked you to lift 5% of your bodyweight for a week and then slowly progress to 10% and continue over the next few months, you will achieve this. Willpower is the same, it is like a muscle - the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

Small changes


Write yourself a pep talk. Yes, more than one. When you are feeling stoked and motivated, use that positive energy to write yourself a pep talk. It could go something like this: "You know deep down inside you have everything you need to succeed. You are amazing and you can do this. Just commit 15 minutes, that's all. Now can do it, no excuses".

Note the third person context. It is third person because YOU will be telling YOURSELF off if you don't stick to the plan! Don't get angry with the gym for failing as this will be placing the blame elsewhere.

And if you do stray off your plan, recognise that you have and get back on it! Don't beat yourself up. We are all human and part of being human is screwing up now and then.



Celebrate ALL wins, no matter how small. Keep a record of what you are doing so you can track your progress which will help with your motivation.


Take control, you will be your best motivator and only one person can achieve the results you want, and that, of course is YOU! So take the next step to a better version of yourself with a little help from your friends (at b-active!)


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