Arm Bike (Ergometer)

Arm Bike (Ergometer)

The Arm Bike (ergometer) works your chest, shoulders, back, arms and core muscles. It offers a cardio and strength workout all in one.

It offers true cross-training because it enables you to use your arms to build cardio endurance and improve your oxygen usage during exercise.


VERSATILITY The arm bike can be used either standing (which will increase calorie consumption and utilize more muscle activation) or sitting down. Correct posture and the core, back and shoulders is easily engaged with the help of the ergonomic seat and provides better body stabilisation.

MULITIPLE TRAINING ANGLES by varying the height of the hand cranks, the position of the rotating handles can be moved to allow more or less muscle activation, also the telescopic arms can be lengthened or shortened depending on your arm length.

RESISTANCE pushing (going forward) or puling (going back) will activate all of the shoulders and torso muscles for a more balanced workout.



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